Element TV Advanced Settings

Element TV advanced settings
Element TV advanced settings

Advanced ELEMENT TV Settings How to access Hi TV, I just bought a new item E2T4019. Good work, but it comes with a bad rider that you cannot change to the original settings. Then enter the service list (compression list, and then 0000) to enable too much. the problem is solved! However, if it’s off and off, I realized that your surplus settings are reset by default and they are not broken, which means that when the TV is off, the service list is set to default settings and then it means that you do not want to increase, the service menu must enter and change the value every time I run my TV.

Honestly, I can live with it, but it’s quite difficult. I cannot find how you can save changes in the service list everywhere. I have achieved a way to do this in other TV brands, like double pressing and then logging in for a Sony TV, but nothing about the elements. If someone has an idea to save changes in the service list in television items, I will really appreciate it. So if you know the ways to do this in other TVs, tell us the disease, try them from here, you can work.  Place the device secret office

Restore the TV access to menu items and factory settings with smart settings and reset static with the full panel method to solve all problems on TV and LCD TV.

TV service TV mode:

Hi everyone, I discuss the month today how to restore a factory by the service menu and without the code menu.

In the first place, we must learn the service list of this faction or an option available on all TVs based on this method. We have many problems and enable or disable the option as children, the location of the hotel, learn the test.

We currently have access to the service list in the TV element, and in removal control of the remote control/input/buttons set up now appears for you and then the press service mode (all menu TV brands Service If you do not know about your TV code here and the TV icon) We usually have to join the menu code and show a new window on TV with many options to use this 1147 icons.

In this list you can allow changing from all internal settings and values such as screen, sound, TV timer, and auto on/off security settings, personal settings, and all settings to be configured according to the requirements.

 Element TV settings:

To reset the factory settings by resetting smart settings, this process is available in the service, if the factory reset factory or a “remote” entered, alerts on the TV screen after starting this process about a minute It will reset the entire massage screen (successful setting) now appears the TV settings page for you.

All settings are considered as a standard amount that is expert in accordance with control and all deleted data are not permanently profitable, including personal information and application form installed, with the exception of the store to the Google account.


True hard reset, this is the latest option for use for a new TV as a brand new and plays with a hard reset on TV items if the smart setting option is not available or work Slow down.

First, let’s start and press and press the key and fill the key at the same time with these buttons and an additional electrical connection.


You get a pop-up window on the screen (hold the silent button if you continue to reset your TV) hold both keys for 20 seconds and then take a restart process for almost two minutes.  The settings page appears after a while. Restore difficult to remove all data on your device, including all settings, channels and tone programs, and so on.

Do not retrieve, please note all settings to reset factory performance in full production conditions, and then the settings are announced on your TV.


This method, I use it on my television phone and her great work I recommend it, because this is very simple and very easy for TV or launch, we hope this is the best way to solve for the solution. Television TV and LCD TV problems. Adjust Panasonic TV runs a movie with up and down LETBOX tapes and a photo in light and dark colors in the middle.  Press “Menu” on the remote control. Use the arrow button on the remote control to highlight the image and click OK.

Go to the brightness option to adjust the brightness and use left and right warnings to adjust it. In this way, why is my TV screen very dark?

If the image is set to the cinema or custom, the screen can be dark. the screen is still dark after changing the image quality mode, adjust the background setting, image, brightness, and brightness, adapted to your taste.  If energy-saving is minimal or high, the screen becomes dark. What is a USB port for a TV? What you do: If your TV has a USB port, it’s generally used so that technicians can do their TV if you break. Smart TVs often allow at least one USB port to connect a hard drive or flash drive or another USB storage device to display media files on your TV.


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