Globally discussed technology in the year of the chip crisis


Globally discussed technology in the year of the chip crisis

The chip crisis occurred shortly after the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. The crisis that started in 2020 is not over yet. One of the most talked about issues in the technology market at the moment is the scarcity of chips. .Technology analysts predict that the global semiconductor shortage will be permanent by the end of next year. However, a number of technology companies have been forced to release newer models of processors and GPUs. .Today is the third episode of Jugantar’s ‘Firdekha 2021’ about the events discussed in the global technology sector.

Facebook is ‘Meta’

For various reasons, the widely used social media Facebook has renamed its company this year. .The new name of the company is ‘Meta’ ‘Meta Platforms Inc’ or ‘Meta’ for short. The logo has also changed with him. The company says the new name is aimed at Metavers. .In the virtual world, users will be able to do everything from work, entertainment, communication, Facebook is dreaming of it. .After the Oculus headset the user will enter Metaverse, and there the user will interact with other users, service providers, and in some cases his office will become a room in Metaverse.

New Windows has arrived

.Technology giant Microsoft has launched the latest version of the operating system Windows. Although the user interface is not much different from the previous version, Windows 10 still has a lot in common with Windows 10 in terms of apps. .However, specific changes have been made to the design of Windows 11. The default start menu will be in the center of the taskbar. There will be other icons as well. Clicking on the Start button will bring up a menu with frequently used apps. .In the coming days, Windows 11 will be enriched with all the new features and will be many times ahead of the 10, according to Microsoft. Excluded are 32 bit operating system support and PC running without SecureBoot. Thinking about the future, Microsoft has dropped support for the old platform.

.The journey of the new super telescope

The James Webb Telescope, the most powerful telescope in the history of NASA, successfully left Earth’s orbit and went into space. After a few retreats, the telescope launched into space this Christmas. .The Hubble Telescope has been gifting all the wonderful images of space for decades. It was called a powerful camera, whose job is to constantly monitor and record everything. This time NASA sent a more powerful James Webb telescope instead of Hubble. .On December 24, the telescope launched into space. The main mirror of the new telescope is 21 feet wide, three times larger than Hubble’s seven feet. .Thanks to the area and new camera technology, the James Webb Telescope is going to be 9 to 10 times more capable than Hubble.

Cryptocurrency and NFT

This year there are various discussions about virtual currency. .Throughout the year, news of various frustrations of the buyers has taken place in the media. Crypto mining has disrupted the graphics card market, and even led to large shipments being stolen. .The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed deep concern over the upward movement of the virtual currency. .The International Monetary Fund is concerned about the lack of experience of those involved in the digital currency sector, consumer risk and the use of this technology in terrorist and extremist activities.

On the other hand, the popularity of NFT is rapidly rising. .Digital products have also been owned through blockchain technology. As a result, many buyers have collected digital products in the form of NFT at exorbitant prices. That said, there is currently a lot more interest in NFT auctions than in art, antique or other auctions.

.Google’s own processor has arrived

US technology giant Google has created two smartphones using their own design processors. Users have seen their tensor processors on both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones. .Based on the processor design of the Samsung Exynos series, the Tensor’s main capability is not gaming or multitasking, but the ability to process camera images faster. This is the first time a 50 megapixel sensor has been used in a Pixel phone. .Google has specially designed the tensor processor to process this huge amount of image information live at the moment. Google’s processor will be seen in the pixels later.

The return of Intel

.The success of global chip maker Intel is small, at first they lost market leadership to AMD, then Apple announced the exclusion of Intel processors from their Mac. .But with the new leadership and roadmap, Intel is beginning to regain its position. Their 12th generation processors are more powerful than the current AMD processors and they claim that the 12th generation laptops will surpass the Apple processor in performance. .The new processors use performance and efficiency cores, just like the ARM processors.

Instability in the smartphone market

Electronics maker LG announced earlier this year that it would withdraw from the smartphone market. .A few days later, another smartphone brand Apo announced that the OnePlus brand is no longer unique. The departure of two of the biggest manufacturers in the smartphone market, along with Motorola and Nokia’s big business losses, proves market volatility. .However, this year the once popular Sony Xperia is back. Although their new phones are made for a very small number of specialized buyers, those customers have welcomed the phone, so their sales volume has been easily met.

Arm technology on laptops

.Apple Corps, a popular technology product maker, began selling two laptops and a desktop in the late 2020s with their own Arm technology processor. .The processor’s battery-saving but extremely powerful performance surprised everyone. This year Apple introduced two more powerful versions of that processor laptop. .As a result, buyers of powerful workstation laptops are also leaving Windows and leaning towards Mac. Following the success of Macs rich in Arm processors, Microsoft and other manufacturers are also looking at Arm laptops and Arm Windows tablets, which have not been seen in the last eight years.

.The market has grown foldable

At one time phones with foldable displays were just specialized devices made for technology fans. That has changed this year, with the Galaxy G Fold 3 topping the list of best-selling phones of the year. .Meanwhile, after about 15 years, one of the most popular flip phone razors of the mobile phone maker Motorola will be seen in the market again. However, in the age of smartphones, the phone will appear not with the old, but with the new folded screen technology. .Xiaomi also launched a folding model Mi Mix Alpha this year. Chinese manufacturer Apo has unveiled their folding phone Find N at the very end of the year, with most technology enthusiasts saying they liked the price and design of the Apo device. .There is no doubt that the foldable display phone will further strengthen its position in the market in the coming days


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