Tesla smartphone coming


Tesla smartphone coming

Not electric cars or Easter Link internet, this time Elon Musk’s Tesla is entering the smartphone market directly. The company is going to bring Tesla smartphone to the market soon. .It is known that Elon Musk wants to keep Tesla’s smartphone ahead in all aspects. For the past few months, there has been speculation about a Tesla smartphone called the Model PI / P. Although Tesla has not officially announced anything about the matter. .Yet in the internet world, Saylab is a Tesla smartphone. Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Tesla has come up with a ‘different’ product. .Elon Musk’s company has previously launched cyber-trucks, electric vehicles for the young, Tesla umbrellas, and even a stainless steel flute. So when it comes to Tesla smartphones, there will be a bit of ‘privacy’. But more than one piece of information has been known.



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