How to Fix Amazon Prime Sound Issues

How to Fix Amazon prime sound issues
How to Fix Amazon prime sound issues

Problems with Amazon audio:

I have chronic audio issues when trying to watch Amazon Prime videos. Intermittent audio interruptions occur when playing videos with Prime. This usually happens at the beginning of the program, where it turns off for a second or two about every minute (approximately). Sometimes the problem goes away after a few minutes, but most of the time it doesn’t. I have noticed this problem intermittently in the past but now it seems to be a chronic problem. I’m using a Panasonic Vera TC-50AS530U (June 2014) that connects wirelessly to Verizon Foist over 5GB. I restarted the FiOS router. Strong FiOS Wi-Fi signal (5 times), charging /discharging speed> 150 Ambit / s (tested with the iPhone speed test app, connected to the same 5 GB Wife SSID). This just seems to be a streaming problem: there is no audio problem with a t

Typical FiOS TV video (including requests) from the settings box. I made sure the TV OS was the latest version available and chose PCM (instead of automatic) for the audio mode for Prime View, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference in terms of audio output. Troubleshooting Amazon Prime without sound

Audio problems are common with Amazon Prime. In the Amazon community, you can watch Amazon Prime Video without audio error on Rook / Samsung / Apple / Sony / Amazon Fire TV, iPhone and other devices. When playing a movie or TV show on Amazon Prime Video, the video plays but there is no sound. To restore Amazon Prime Video audio, try some hardware and software troubleshooting steps such as:

Troubleshooting Amazon Prime Video without sound

Check the volume control

The first thing you need to do is check the volume on your device. The system sound may be disabled or muted for some users, which may not cause audio problems on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, or other files being played. Press the volume up key to turn your device back on.

  • Start anew

Sometimes a simple reboot can solve several pesky Amazon Prime problems, such as: B. Syncing Amazon Prime videos, Amazon Prime black screen, buffering, etc. Don’t close and restart the Amazon Prime app on your device. Play your Amazon Prime video again to see if the audio problem is resolved. Check cable connections

If you’re using your TV (Rook / Samsung / Apple / Sony / Amazon Fire, etc.) to play Amazon Prime videos, fix cable issues when the Amazon Prime volume is turned down. Check the HDMI connection or other optical connections first, and then check the optical connection again to see if it is connected properly. Then check for the cable problem and try another HDMI cable. This solution won’t help either when you’re syncing videos and audio from Amazon Prime.

  • Update the operating system or software

Make sure you are using the latest operating system and version of Amazon Prime Video on your device. If you’re not sure, see Prime Video’s guide to update the program.

  • Change Amazon Prime audio settings

The CW TV and Tuba TV Help Center instruct users to turn off Dolby Digital Plus if they encounter audio problems with Amazon Prime TV or Fire Stick. Try changing the sound settings. For example, on your TV, remotely press the TV’s Home button, go to Settings> Sound Mode, and change the volume setting to a different one that isn’t currently selected. Several users have successfully resolved all Amazon Prime audio/audio issues after changing audio settings.

If you don’t get sound while watching Amazon Prime Video on Windows, you can update the audio engine, turn off the volume, or use the voice troubleshooter. For more in-depth advice, see Windows 10 Troubleshooting.

Try fixing mute on YouTube so you can try more troubleshooting tips in case the problem persists on your device. Have you watched the movie and noticed that despite the high-quality photos in Amazon Prime, there is no sound? Audio or language problems are common with Amazon Prime.

While there is no specific cause for this problem, there are several reasons for it.

HDMI cables can be used with legacy software or hardware components without modification or modification.

However, additional features can make it incompatible with some devices. This way, the compressed digital audio cable will not carry uncompressed video from the digital television, set-top box, or monitor on your computer.

Second, the TV volume can be low or muted. In this case, you need to check the volume setting and increase the volume.

Third, I connected the smart TV to the A / V receiver, but the receiver is turned off. To fix this, turn on the receiver. Amazon Prime Video can be annoying when playing the latest movies without audio issues. Here are some possible solutions.


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