How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games?

How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games

Ready for an adventure without leaving your browser? “Trace” on Cool Math Games offers an escape room fun-fest that’s as exciting as Escape Simulator and The Room, and it’s totally free! Your mission: find a way out from a mysterious starting point.

Let’s Break Out: Your “Trace” Guide

Jump into “Trace” on Cool Math Games and you’ll need to be both smart and quick. You start with a few clues and objects, but to move forward, you have to gather more items and solve tricky problems. Stuck? Don’t worry! Here’s the walkthrough to crack “Trace.”

Escape Step-by-Step

The Washroom:

Grab the half-scissors from the sink. Ignore the combo hunt and punch in 5472 behind the picture to grab a lightbulb. Pop it into the pumpkin left of the toilet. There’s a red tile with a key under the sink. Use this key on the door’s slide puzzle. Shuffle the tiles until the yellows and greens are on one side. Move the red tile over the green lock to get out.

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The House:

Look for a metal star under the sofa, a battery by the plant, and a small ogre figure. Snatch the blue tin horse and another star from the painting. Under the window, fix the puzzle in the cabinet with a low-high-middle-high pattern, and hit the button. Grab the broken metal piece that shows up.

Back in the washroom, fix the tin horse to the painting and twist the horse’s neck to match a maze. Push the giraffe button to get another metal piece. Now, hit the red buttons in this order: on the fish tank, shell fan, computer, inside the plant puzzle, behind the painting, and lastly, on the gray box. If done right, you’ll get a green knife and key to unlock the patio door.

The Small Patio:

Hold onto any new items like the vampire figure and metal star. Arrange the black cubes in order from left to right: hanging, tall pot, tall plant, and the painting. Hit the red button for a star. Go back and finish the giraffe window puzzle for a battery and grab the star by the mini piano.

The metal star is hidden under the table on the patio. Complete a heart puzzle with black and red pieces using your knife on the carpet. Fit the batteries into the heart lamps, set the arrows, and press the button for a puzzle piece and a submarine. Use the knife again to pry open a panel on the couch for a pentagon key. Enter 9, 2, and 3 on the computer after it explodes, and click the submarine in the water bowl. The code is 26336 6161.

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The Tower:

The code unlocks a panel. Go back to the computer, use the final star, and follow the instructions. Open the fish tank drawers in this sequence: X O X O. Get the magnet from the U drawer and head to the panel. Place the stars so none are beside each other and each row or column has only one. Now you can enter the tower. Solve the sliding puzzle above the table with red flowers. Use the umbrella key to grab a phoenix figure and find a secret passage.

Go upstairs, take the robot from the wire, and spot “CABBAGE FACED” on the window. Open the umbrella on the porch, take a picture, and attach the robot to a kite string. Play “CABBAGE FACED” on the piano. It’ll show a robotic arm. Attach it to the submarine at the computer.

The Computer:

Command the robot to check symbols on a bridge: circles, squares, triangles, stars, and circles. The submarine reveals a reversed code: I DID DEEDS. Enter this in the machine in the flower table drawer.

Back in the tower, use the dragon figure to mirror your porch chair drawing. Turn off the lights in sequence (12356784) to spot a stone base. Place your figures on their matching bases. The screwdriver you get helps you use the symbols on the upper-level bridge.

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The Final Challenge:

Unscrew the fan’s shelf panel for a “password” symbol: “0-|-“. Enter this in the computer’s Tower section, play the Mathemagic game, and match the signs. Unlock the safe for the “Adventures of a Wayward Cosmonaut” sequel. Remember the launch year, 2793, and planet colors. Enter the 4-digit number, take a photo of the upstairs machine’s image, and match it to the outside window pyramid.

Press the triangle points from your photo to drop a key from the pyramid. Use this and the pentagon key to open the toilet lid for an escape route. Congratulations, you’ve successfully escaped!

Ready to tackle the puzzles yourself? Now you’ve got the blueprint to crack “Trace” on Cool Math Games. Happy escaping!