Can you boost the TV antenna signal with aluminum foil?

Can you boost the TV antenna signal with aluminum foil
Can you boost the TV antenna signal with aluminum foil

Nowadays, HD antennas have auto-tuning features that allow the device to receive strong signals from the broadcaster and add local channels to the TV list.

However, many people make a variety of adjustments and improvements when trying to improve their wireless signal reception.

But can you amplify the TV antenna signal with aluminum foil?

Wrapping aluminum foil around the antenna increases the conductivity and surface area of the antenna. It then amplifies the signal received by the television.

This method works because most antenna wires are thin. This means that it has a narrow bandwidth and vibrates on a single frequency. Therefore, their reception is poor when used at different frequencies. Since aluminum is a conductive element, it increases the bandwidth and aperture. This gives the television more input radiation and you can see the channels better.

At radio frequencies, aluminum foil also becomes the best mirror for absorbing television signals. If the antenna cannot see the transmitter due to obstacles, the transmitter will be reflected in the line of sight to amplify the TV antenna signal.

In addition, aluminum foil blocks other unnecessary transmitters if they interfere. This provides the right bandwidth for the television. What makes a TV signal weak?

The main reasons for a bad TV signal are:


The distribution of television signals is done through a concept called the line of sight. This means that full TV reception takes place when the antenna is close to local transmitters. In order to receive better signals, the antenna must “see” the towers with little or no obstruction.

If your location is away from local television towers, the broadcasters will be more disturbed and obstructed. Therefore, it affects the antenna’s ability to receive better TV signals.

The best reception area for your TV antenna is 40 miles from local cell towers.

But even if you are far away, depending on the location of the antenna and equipment, you will have even better reception.


If your antenna is set too low, it will not get the best reception. The higher the antenna, the better.

Hold the antenna at least 9 m above the ground for the clearest connection to the tower. 3. Digital disturbances

If you live in an area with trees, hills, or tall buildings, you may interfere with the signal received by the transmitting antenna.

The transmitter signal must find a direct path to the antenna. Any obstacle between the transmitter and the antenna jumps and reflects the signal, weakening and distorting it.

After you have created a device and connected it to the TV antenna, the signal reception must be perfect. The best part is that the devices are very easy to find as most of them are in your home.

So instead of wasting money on a new antenna, let this guide help you reinforce your TV antenna beforehand.

These are the materials you will need to reinforce your TV antenna with aluminum foil:

  • Newspaper
  • A scissors
  • Paper clip
  • Coaxial cable
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Stapler
  • Cell phone strap
  • Carton
  • Coaxial cable
  • Multifunction knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Picture Frame

Step 1:

Put a newspaper on the table. Then remove the backbox from the box. Place the clip on the newspaper with the end towards you.

Step 2:

Use the tape measure to measure the center of the width of the back of the box. Mark it with a pencil. Create a line that slopes vertically from the center marker.

Step 3:

Create vertical lines to the right and left of the marker. It should be an inch from the mark. Also, draw a horizontal line in the background with the same marker.

Step 4:

Cut the 24-inch aluminum foil and use scissors to cut it into six 4-inch strips. Fold each of these strips in half lengthways. Fold until the strips are an inch wide. Then cut an 8-inch piece from 4 strips and fold the foil to form an “A” shape.

Step 5:

Place pin A in the center of the vertical line to the left of the vertical marker in the center of the box. The point where you place the parts should also be above the horizontal.

Step 6:

Use cellophane tape to secure the two ends of the aluminum tape to the back of the box. Repeat the process with another strip of aluminum and tape it halfway to the right of the marker. Repeat the same steps on the right and left, but this time place the aluminum strips below the horizontal line.

Step 7:

Put one end of one of the remaining aluminum strips (the 2 items you didn’t cut) into slot A in the upper left corner of the back of the cardboard. Then place the other end of the strip on the A-shaped hole on the bottom right of the bracket. Use paper clips to hold aluminum strips in place.

Step 8:

Place the scraps of cardboard in the middle and back corners of the cardboard box so that the top end touches the top left slot A and the bottom end touches the bottom right slot A.

Step 9:

Place the second strip of aluminum foil on the piece of cardboard so that one end is A-shaped at the top right and the other end is at the top left and bottom of the A-cut. Use paper clips to connect the chips together.

Step 10:

Place the end of the two wires coming out of the coaxial cable adapter onto the end of the two aluminum strips going through the A-shaped cuts on the left and right sides of the back of the box. Use paper clips to secure the strips to the wires.

Step 11:

Attach the two wires to the back of the box to secure them.

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